Morocco and Portugal. Part 3

We reached Sintra on 5th May afternoon. the flight from Casa to Lisbon were both beautiful and horrible. Beautiful b’cos due to the short distance. Te plane was flying at a very low latitude making all the structures on the ground clearly visible. This is the smallest plane I have ever sat in, the offers the nicest view. However, maybe due to the low latitude and skill of the pilot. The air pressure was the highest I ever had to endure, hours after I had alight from the plane. The pain still lingers in my ears.

Sintra is a great place, with many interesting places, castles, museums etc to explore. Honestly, 2 days are definitely not enough. The weather, people and houses are simply unforgettable. Its a place worth visiting, The first surprise  I had was to find a vegan restaurant there! The food is both interesting and delicious. Besides this, it is also visible that the folks there really are very proud of the place, putting in tons of hours decorating it.  More info on it soon….   

Next, we took a bus to Cascai. The bus ride was fun, (if you had taken a bus to Stanley market in Hongkong, u will know what I ma talking about) Cascai is a sea side resort, but a pretty small place, good thing I only plan to stay there for 1 day! 

Our 3rd stop is Lagos. A beautiful and fun sea side resort. Similar to vietnam, with lots of water activities such as kayaking, boat ride, para-sailing and  Delphine watching trips. Most of the activities revolve around the long stretch gorgeous cliffs that is a few kilometers long.

Our last stop in Portugal, is of course the capital – Lisbon. As expected, it is alot more crowded and interesting then all hte previous places.  There, we visited Balem, the birthplace of Portuguese egg tarts. Took a half day walking trip ard Baixa, Alfama and Garca.

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