Next stop, Morocco and Portugal.

It all started on my way back from a dinner a few months ago organise by Kee Yew from Organic living meetup group, Since TS and me are living close by. We took the same train and chatted along the way. I was sharing with him about some of my wildest dreams.

Of going to places where most locals (Singaporeans) would never thought of, and travel agencies would never bother to plan. Places such as Morocco, Iran, Madagascar, Siberia, Cuba etc. In fact, I have spoken to some people around me in the past on going to 1 or 2 of these places, and the Result?  Well, they are all nice people, they smile at me, but didn’t say much. Haha… …

Introduction: Morocco is not famous for its safari, meaning there are “not much man eating tigers, lions or leopards running around”
Being situated at the most western end of Africa and next to Atlantic. The country has many faces of nature of us to explore. With deserts(Sahara), beaches, mountains(High Atlas), deep valleys, ancient towns & imperial cities (Marrakesh, Meknes) and modern cosmopolitan (Casablanca).
In fact, it is a pre dominantly a Muslim country. And is heavily influence by their once European colonial masters France and Portugal who’s religion is of course Christian. This gives the land a very interesting mix of culture and religion. Reminding me of our very own, unique fruit salad. (aka Rojak)

With such an interesting mixture, how am I to tame the adventurous spirit of Mark Soh? As the ancient Wise saying goes… … “if you can’t kill your enemy. Kiss her!”
After speaking to TS, who is the organizer of SANL that night. He immediately put up the event the following day.

And in about 2 weeks, maybe while sipping mint tea and enjoying some local desserts in a café somewhere in Morocco or Portugal. In the company of my 6 new friends. I will be able to spare some time to complete the part 2 of this article. ^^

(Note: All the photography above are all taken from national geographic)

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