Heritage tour: Chao Zhou, China, my ancestral home town









Somehow, I managed to go on 2 trips for a total of 23 days in 2013.

And on my 2nd trip which I named it as Heritage tour. I went to 5 coastal cities in China. These are cities where most of the early Chinese who settled in South East Asia came from. Chao Zhou, which is a city in the larger Guang Zhou province is the 2nd stop of this trip. And the place where my great grand father came from.


Archway street: For all those who excel in the imperial exam, in ancient china times. The emperor will erect an archway on this street for them. With the aim of commemorating their achievements. And to encourage the locals to study hard, so 1 day they too would be able to serve the country and bring glory to their family! In all, there are over 200 archways on this street.

IMG_4697   Restored ancient houses of those scholars who excelled in the imperial exams.

IMG_4704 Traditional Teochew embroidery that Chao Zhou is famous for.


IMG_4709 Traditional Chinese houses with Chao Zhou style wood carving; living room and court yard.




IMG_4732Guang Ji Bridge: A famous landmark and expensive tourist site (ticket is a few times higher then other tourist site) Where according to local folklore, its related to Han Xiang Zi, 1 of the 8 immortals.

IMG_4770 Kai Yuan Temple: another landmark of Chao Zhou and just next to archway street. Looking at the majestic dragons swooping down.  A sense  of awesome also descend onto me, the skills of these craftsman is excellent. As the dragons looks so Real.

IMG_4766 Same temple, look @ the decorations on the roof. By China’s standard, this temple is not large. But IMO, the architecture is certainly a masterpiece.

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