2011, Central Europe – Hungary, Part 2

Budapest is definitely a beautiful city, it’s buildings, it’s coffee (IMO, its the best in Europe) and most importantly it’s people (Courteous, helpful and beautiful).

After staying there for 5 days. I traveled to a another very interesting town Pecs.

Train station @ Pecs.

Pecs is a small town, by the time I came out in the evening. The temperature is only about 10degrees. (compare that to average of 32 degree I’m used to in Singapore! ) It has been raining the whole day, with the wind blowing and the rain drizzling down. Walking alone in this unknown small town, where the only visible soul is Mark Soh and the only thing accompanying me is the sound of the rain and my trolley. That is certainly an unforgettable experience. Something joining a tour group will never give you. And the best part is the hostel I am looking for, is under renovation and the exterior is completely covered. Making me walk up & down the street for a few time and is still clueless where it is.

But luckily, just when I am on the verge of giving up. An angel (who is actually my room mate and had suffer from the same fate) came to my salvation by showing me the way.

Honestly, cobblestone pavement may sound nice and interesting when read about it online, but when you had to walk on it while dragging a 20kg luggage with more loads in hand… …

Its a totally different thing !!!

Some treasures in a church.

Town center. See that round building? It is Pasha Gazi Kassim Mosque build in 16th century by the invading Turkish army. And the place was converted into a church after Turks was drove out. More photos can be found here.

Below is the interior of the Mosque Church, as it was known now

Zsolnay Fountain

This fountain is donated Zsolnay porcelain company. (Read more about it here, to learn about its contribution to the beautiful Hungarian architecture). Another nice thing about traveling in Hungary and Croatia is that. There are many fountains providing free drinking water. Enabling me to save some money along the way.

On my way hiking up a hill in Perc, saw this poster hanging on a wall along the street. Wondering what does it really mean? This sign really got me excited 🙂

Next, I came to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

Zagreb is a small city, really small. As museums are not my cup of tea. Half a day is all it need for me to get bored. This is the 1 interesting place  I like. Morning market @ Dolac quarter. Bought some Croatia handicraft, figs etc here.

The Cathedral of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary

A landmark in Zagreb, the Cathedral seems to be always Work In Progress. (In the lonely planet guide I bought, the writer complain that this church has been WIP for many years, and as of today. It still is!)

Some more beautiful stained glass, inside the Cathedral. When I’m rich, I’ll definitely have 1 of these at home.

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