2011, Central Europe – Hungary, Part 1

2011 May. Finally manage to save enough money to go out of Asia, able to experience and learn from new Civilizations. ^^

Night scene of Danube (Buda side), photo taken on my first night in Budapest. It’s really nice that the hostel  I stayed in is only a few minute away from the river.

Standing here, recalling the song by 熊天平 – 爱情多瑙河. What an experience !

View of the river bank @ Pest, the other side of Danube.

Miksa Róth Memorial House

There are easily more than 2 dozen museums around the city. And I only went to 2 of them.

Mr Miksa Roth is the artist of all these stained glass windows. To me, these art works are simply beautiful and  mesmerizing.

Of all the museums, this can be considered as 1 of the smallest and least popular. But its a good opportunity for me, as I was the only visitor that evening. The lady looking after this museum gracefully walk me through the entire place and answers to all my questions.

Hungarian Agricultural Museum housed in the stunning baroque wing of Vajdahunyad Castle

Budapest city walk.

A guided walk around some landmarks in the city, by a foreigner (just like us) who had stayed here for a few years.

Budapest is a pretty difficult city to navigate, many of the street names are similar. And the difficulty is further compounded by the foreign language I had to stare at.

When  I finally got to Basilica of St Stephen, I’m so happy and started shooting right away. Its only when I review the photos many days later did I notice  I got some “part-time models” inside. The way they behave is really “cute”

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