1 of the best vegetarian cafe in Singapore

Everybody has he/her own preference and favourite makan (malay word = eating) places. And mine… are stalls/cafes that provides the public with a “natural” plant based diet with sincerity and love.

lov key

Aspect I would consider in my selection includes,

1. Nutrition – Does it covers the basic 5 different colour 6 different parts, there are many types of nutrients and minerals our body needs daily to maintain basic health. Remember once upon a time even our HPB run ads encouraging ppl to eat veg n fruits that are bright in colours, as the colours are made up by different phytonutrients.

And dont ever think that all those nutrients and minerals are evenly spread throughout across the vegetable. Hence the need to consume different parts as well.

2. Taste & presentation – Does the dish look appetizing. Is it over or under cook, too salty too sweet in respect to health. Looking at the 2 pic below, which 1 would u choose?

ton1 7sensation 2

3. Price – Does the price correlates to the quality and portion? Nobody would feel good if they paid $10 for something that can be bought for only $4! As for the portion, does it justify for the price paid, and considering the culinary skills, freshness of ingredients used, rental etc. Some points for considerations include,

⇒) Organic set meal may cost considerably  higher than other dishes, as the ingredient itself are more costly.

⇒) For dishes made fresh, without MSG, cans or bottles. This is another aspect that adds up to the cost significantly, as in Singapore. with the labour shortage, cost of hiring n training  are pretty high.

⇒) Business Model, some stalls are able to sell their dishes at a low price but still make a reasonable profit. Tks to their large customer base. But if a cafe had to close simply because their dear beloved landlord wants to increase the rental by $2,000. What does that mean?

If business here can generate a profit of $6,000. would You think the owner not stay. Since he is still left with a monthly income of $4,000. But if an increase of $2,000 could make them decide to give up all their hardwork, what do you think?

4. Sincerity & service – Different people starts a business for different reason. Some may just sincerely want to provide something that are nutritious, that promotes health and democracy. While others? Perhaps just sincerely wanted to be a successful businessman/women.

5. Creativity – How novel, inspirational and different from the tradition is it?


So here are some of the dishes  I would give 10/10. By Desmond @ Happy Tree

Hearty Brownrice set.



With e organic seaweed tofu hidden below the black sesame & pumpkin.

Looking at this dish, how many colours, vegetables and plant parts do you see?

How many other dishes, equally attractive, nutritious and costing only S$6.80 can you think of?

ht4 ht2

Above, pic 1 is avocado and “Beetroot” sushi, while the 2nd is Ramen soup. The sushi is another interesting n creative dish from Desmond. Understand that, if the quality of beetroot used is low, it will have an after taste that is a bit bitter. Which may be 1 of the reasons  not many places use it in this way.

To be continued….


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