6 Lessons College Will Never Be Able To Teach You (part 2)

3) You are but a tiny blip on a giant radar. (this article is a continuation of part 1)

Travel humbles you; It makes you truly realize just how small you are in this great big world. You are a mere speck in an infinite universe. 

When I am out kayaking, or on a boat in the sea. Looking at the vast and deep ocean.

ocean 1

And even many more times. When I am on a vehicle, travelling across a mountain range, deep into a forest, desert or any other huge and seemingly endless places.  I am reminded of e power of nature. That in nature, in this universe. We humans are just so tiny.


Sahara (3).m

Pic taken on 1 on a snow mountain while I am on my way to Yerevan from Tbilisi. 

Pic taken on 2 of the sand dunes in @ Sahara. And those black spots below,  ah… Is our camp site. where many other people are at.

Although nowadays with all our inventions, planes, bullet trains etc. Things has gotten a lot more easier. But in some way, that may be an illusion to some people, that we humans can be greater than nature! As in my case, U just need to short vehicle breakdown, and its clear who is the boss.

Remembering that fateful day, when I was trekking with some friends in Huang Shan, China. Without any torchlight, street lamps, maps or GPS. We got lost in the mountains in the evening and… had to crawl our way out. Only reaching the  hotel @ about 9pm.




Looking at pic 1, what do you think? If I were sitting at home, looking at it on a monitor. Maybe like some of you, I would think its beautiful, it’s so romantic… But to get to this spot, you got to hike like 3-4 hr  from the hotel. And photo was taken @ abt 5pm.

In pic 2, you can see some parts of the route is still !!under construction!! And in pic 3, you can see how steep some places are. Now just be a bit more creative , and imagine… after hiking since morning. When you feel battery has only 20% left. U are told you had over shoot. and had to turn back, and walk up down and up again for maybe another  3-4 hrs.

Or maybe we can choose to stay put, rest for the night and move again tml? Considering that we will not have any light in the dark, and some parts of the route are too steep, and may not have any handles or barriers to stop me if In case I were to fall…  into the cliffs.

After discussing with my friends, we agree staying put is not an option. As it would be too cold, we do have any food, and god knows what animals will visit us! Lastly, our group have 2 elderly..


Long stories short, to be safe and to balance ourselves. We crawl back. And fortunately, we are some of the lucky 1s to made it.


The time when I had my first night kayaking, I got lost from the other 2 friends. And for a few minute, all sort of ghost stories (maybe a huge tanker will come? maybe some unknown vegetarian chewing creature is lurking underneath my kayak? or suddenly a strong wind will knock me over?) Without any human beings in sight, what shall I do?

sm 3

sm 2

I am really humbled by these experiences, and thankful that I can make it back to tell my stories 🙂

Times and again, either by luck. or by the spirit of adventure. I have come face to face with this unpredictable and vast universe.  And been humbled by it.

pray 1




Pic taken next day morning, before leaving. The tree behind me, is 1 of e most. Often used to publicize this place.

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