A trip to Georgia – Tbilisi (part 3)

2014-02-23 03.17.19.m   This pic – Is about feeling. Like a lot of other cities I have been to. Tbilisi has lots of hills. And the hostel I stayed in, sits on 1 of those.

After a long and tired day out, but not wanting to end the day so easily. I went up all the way to where the road ends. Looking down at the city below me. That feeling is, awesome, exhilarating, unforgettable, lonely, and so course…  damp cold!

DSC_0949.m Peace bridge (aka moustache bridge. No disrespect intended, just though the whole structure does looks like 1)This is 1 of the more modern landmarks, constructed in 2010 linking the old & new settlements of Tbilisi across the river Kura.

As can be seen from the pic, LEDs embedded inside the glass walls of the bridge illuminating the bridge from sunset to sunrise.

DSC_0975.m Abanotubani – Is the name of this area. Tbilisi is famous for their sulphur springs and taking a bath @ any of their 6 bath houses is definitely 1 of the top choices for any tourist!

In the above pic, sulphur streams flow pass the river. And that beautiful coloured tiled  wall you see in the distance, is the entrance to Orbeliani bathhouse, the only bathhouse with a Central Asian decoration. But unfortunately, @ on both visits, the place is closed.

And did you notice there was a building which lights up in the backdrop? That is the red brick mosque, aka Botanikuri. The only surviving mosque in Tbilisi.

DSC_0971.m Can you see the steam rising up from the river? Now, just imagine that you had discover this strange and mystical place on a freezing night. Where the whole place is almost silent, with only 2 or 3 people including yourself around. How would you feel? Excited? Scared? 🙂

Well, this is what adventure is really all about!

DSC_0989 DSC_0991.m DSC_0985 Going to sulphur baths is a very popular past time for the locals as well, and on my 1st visit. I was turn away by a few bath house as it’s all full house.

I only got to experience it on my 2nd attempt. in the most expensive places of all – Royal bath house. With a 1hr bath and message costing 60GEL. Good for the experience, and more importantly. Enjoying the atmosphere, although the private bathrooms is pretty ordinary(3rd pic). But the main hall and resting area (pic 1 & 2), is beautiful, especially the blue titles on the roof is simply mesmerizing.

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