6 Lessons College Will Never Be Able To Teach You. (part 1)

Read an article on Huffington post a few days ago, written by . And couldn’t agree more with it. In the article, he listed 6 lessons that only travelling, not school can teach us .

I am an introvert since young, that is. I don’t speak much. to approach or talk to people, stranger and even to people I am familiar with. I just prefer to use my brain more than my mouth. But all along, I am curious about the world around me. Especially to those unknown land where rumours has it that beautiful, cute and nice aliens hangout in. 

introvert 2


alien 3 alien 2










Lessons he listed include:

1)    You are capable of more than you’ve ever imagined.  

No one can deny it: Travel is transformative. And I’m not talking about tired clichés like “how backpacking through Europe changed my life”, but the ability of travel to affect a tangible and lasting impact on your life.

Travel can turn introverts into extroverts, bring confidence to the meek, and create adrenaline junkies out of thin air; it pushes your physical and mental limits, forcing you to quickly adapt to uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations. Want to see what you’re truly made of? Travel.

I am an introvert, and for an introvert who is idiotic (or brave) enough to venture out of his tiny & shallow comfort zone. As tested and proven, that is a bit like commit suicide! Consider a fish swimming onshore , wanting to visit a street bazaar to increase his knowledge and widen his social circle! And the result?  in some way that Kills me, the introvert me.

Been a Chinese vegetarian. Most ppl would choose to go Taiwan, since that place is the closest to Singapore in terms of culture, religion, social structure and have plenty of veg options.




Can still remember, when I walk into the 1st hostel I ever stayed. A bunch of foreigners sitting n chatting in the living room look up at me, I am not sure what to do, and just walk directly into the dorm without even look straight at them. Eventually, I did speak to some people during the trip, and tried to speak to a few more. Maybe 8 or 9 people in total out of my 18 days trip.

Now after more than 25 trips across 19 countries,  I can pretty much connect with anybody, from whatever country whichever culture. Just put down whatever baggage you have, relax, open up a bit and 🙂 As I have repeatedly stress, all I need to travel around this world are 2 things, Positiveness and mental Flexibility.  I just spend almost 2 months, travelled across 8 countries using only $6,500. What did I proof, $ is certainly not the most important thing you need to have an enjoyable trip!

2) People are fundamentally good.

Without experiencing the world for ourselves we often lose sight of that, relying instead on cheap stereotypes to guide our thinking. Travel reminds us that we are more bound by similarities than separated through differences. Good is stronger — and more prevalent — than evil. Get out there and see for yourself.

1 of the reasons  I don’t dare to approach people during my first trip to Taiwan, is that I have no idea on what is their intention. And what type of people they are. If I end up talking to some crooks and got into trouble. Who will help me? That I have no friends or relative in Taiwan??? All those thought really scares me out!

But after all these trips, I am repeatedly proven that We HUMANS are good. See my post on trip to Georgia and many other places, for some examples on the many beautiful  people who  I had met along my journey.

1 thing I know, they are everywhere. in every continent, every country, city and town. No matter if they are road sweepers or those in suit & tie. Somewhere faraway or within.  I have received help from all of them.

2014-02-25 09.51.05-1

In this pic, I am about to travel from Tbilisi, capital of Georgia to Mestia. As there is about 1hr + before the bus moves of. I took the opportunity to explore the streets nearby. While standing outside a bakery shop watching how tradition Georgian bread made. The boss suddenly came out and invited me in for a short tour. The result! This is 1 of the pic he took for me 🙂


to be continued

(Here is the original article)

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