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6 Lessons College Will Never Be Able To Teach You (part 2)

3) You are but a tiny blip on a giant radar. (this article is a continuation of part 1) Travel humbles you; It makes you truly realize just how small you are in this great big world. You are a mere speck in an infinite universe.  When I am out kayaking, or on a boat in …

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A trip to Georgia – Tbilisi (part 3)

  This pic – Is about feeling. Like a lot of other cities I have been to. Tbilisi has lots of hills. And the hostel I stayed in, sits on 1 of those. After a long and tired day out, but not wanting to end the day so easily. I went up all the way …

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6 Lessons College Will Never Be Able To Teach You. (part 1)

Read an article on Huffington post a few days ago, written by Ryan O’Rourke. And couldn’t agree more with it. In the article, he listed 6 lessons that only travelling, not school can teach us . I am an introvert since young, that is. I don’t speak much. to approach or talk to people, stranger and even to people …

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