A trip to Georgia – Tbilisi (1 of the best places I have been to)

Having been to 19 countries, Georgia is definitely 1 of the most Friendly, Surprising and Beautiful country.

Friendly – Got a present surprise when I reach Hostel Ori beli,  where I stayed in for 3 nights. After settling down in the hostel, the owner invited me to sit down, have a cup of coffee. And chat a bit about what I plan to do/ go around town. Well, this is definitely the first time somebody i in a hostel had offered  me such courtesy. Maybe some would think that is how everybody in this region treats others. after been to more than a dozen hostels/guesthouse around Georgia, Armenia and Turkey. I can confirm Not everybody does that.  🙂





(above pic: Lots of ppl left something words on e wall, in memory positive experience in hte hostel) Every time after paying at the cashier, I would wait for the cashier to confirm on the amout before going. Different countries has different currencies, and I do not want to end up short paying them. And over here, after confirm the amount is correct The cashier would actually “smile n tk me”! 

On my last day in Tbilisi, while I am taking a bus and not having the exact change to pay the bus fare.  I ask to change money with the gentleman sitting next to the door. 1. he check his wallet and confirm he also has no change. 2. He took out a card, he tap it against the ticketing machine. Effectively paying the fare for me. And refuse to accept my money when I offer to pay him back :). While  I am walking up a hill in the neighbourhood. a kid walk in my direction and stare at me. (its a neighbour hood area, where normal tourist would not venture into, and at his young age. I suppose he had not seen a foreigner with black eyes and hair before, got really curious and so kept on staring @ this ALIEN) I smile at him, and that kid… Smile back with a Hi. As what I wrote on my FB that day. “Thank you Tbilisi;Georgia, its great to be back! In this cold winter day, I am greatly touch. As your warmth had embrace me again” 


Surprising as in the variety of Veg food available.  (refer to my previous post of this).

Every trip, I will bring along some key chains. And give it to those that have offered me some unconditional assistance along the way. And it is really at Georgia. That there are a couple of times, I have run out of key chains to give away, as there are just so many lovely people I end up bumping into (usually I would keep 2-3 in  my bag).

key chains 2 key chains 3 key chains 1

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