The China Study n screening of it’s documentary (part 2)

Continuing from part 1

I first joined Vegetarian Society of Singapore in 2008, and a few months later. Somewhere in 2009, VSS held a Big event, By inviting Dr Colin Campbell from Cornell University to give a talk, introducing to us his work and book “The China Study” Seeing that this small bunch of volunteers, pretty similar to myself as in, while having to take care of themselves, their family and work.  They have put in so much effort to organize this event. I am sure this must be something really good and important. I am really looking forward to attend the talk.

Well, after having sat there listening to him for 3hr +. I have to admit, he is really 1 of the best speaker I have ever met. Having attended numerous talks or lesson till now, he is definitely 1 of the few who almost put me to sleep.

How? Rather than the 1hr talk as I was initially told of. The talk actually lasted for more than 3hrs. And Dr Colin Campbell’s attempt to encourage us in adopting a plant-based diet, is mainly from a chemistry and biology’s perspective. While my training is in accounting. Something completely worlds apart!

So? Fast forward to 2014 May. I will be doing a repeat screening of the documentary, “Folks over Knives“. Where the documentary is based on his book,  “The China Study” and a few other doctor’s work. Btw, Cornell university is even  offering an on line e learning course based on Dr Colin’s work. (What I can read from the Cornell e-learning course is that, although most of the thing mention in the book is controversial and probably, something against conventional understanding. But Cornell, being a reputable Ivy league University. Agrees and stand by it. I mean, they are willing to stake their more than 100+yrs of reputation to back up this research! )




Something about the documentary and its director

I really loves 1 of those comment,“Convincing, radical, and politically volatile.” – John Anderson, Variety” it’s just so true.

This documentary examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods.

Brian Wendel, creator and executive producer

Interested in nutrition and health. In summer 2008, having read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, he realized that the scientific case for preventing and even reversing degenerative disease by means of a Whole-Foods, Plant-Based diet was greater than he had ever imagined. And the most effective way to bring this message to a broad audience was by feature film. He recruited a production team and spent nearly 2 years producing FOK, his 1st feature film.

Or in another ward, without any experience, the benefits is strong enough to motivate him to press ahead! and shoot this documentary Without any experience or confidence that this documentary will be able to break even.  

Lee Fulkerson, writer and director – With 19 international awards for his work. including the prestigious CINE Special Jury Award for best broadcast historical program of 2003.

John Corry, producer – Produced over 200 documentary programs, John recently produced several celebrity-narrated short films for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, including campaigns on whale hunting, the Canadian seal hunt etc.

Allison Boon, co-producer – Allison began working on documentaries in 2003 as an associate producer on the long-running True Hollywood Story series for The E! Network. Allison went on to Actuality Productions’ award-winning History Channel series, Modern Marvels. Within a year, she became director of research.

When I first saw the book and flips through the cover page. 1 thing stand out on the last page. back page of The china study


Qn? How many times would you see a Nobel prize winner putting his name down in support of  book? There are dozens of books recommending on various diets, but NONE had such recognition! This is simply something money can’t buy. As it’s not a for profit business venture, they do not have any celebrity endorsement or much publicity.

After noting this points, I got really interested in the book and managed to devour it in less than 1 month. all 368 pages  of it.

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