The China Study n screening of it’s documentary (part 1)

When I am serving my national service, I had a serious illness which lasted for almost 4months. During that time, I was fortunate to get the privilege to understand what it feels like to be “half dead”. Or maybe, dead is better than half alive! While I still have some conscious, knowing what is happening around me, knowing I have a problem, but I can’t do anything to solve it.

It so happens the day I fell sick is also the 1st day of lunar Chinese New Year. The doctor who had treating me all along, is away celebrating CNY.  Without the appropriate treatment, my illness was made worse.  And all these happen when I am serving my national service.

As all Singaporeans would know, National service is tough. I had been looking forward to this long CNY holiday for many months. Planning and discussing with friends on how to utilize this time. But when the illness strike. It’s all over! All my 4 days of CNY holiday are spend lying on bed.  I know its CNY; people all around me are celebrating and enjoying themselves with the party and good food. And I? I could only lay on my bed, listen to the sound of TV, people chatting and think of the 1000 thing that I had wanted to do while time just passes away!!! And that feeling is just so miserable, so Rotten!

After resting @ home for a few days, I decide to go back to my Army camp. As staying at home doing nothing, while the pain is still torturing me is a really horrible feeling. Maybe by going back, letting myself busy with work will help to lessen the pain! While back in camp, the 1st thing I did is to see medical officer for help. But unfortunately, all he was willing to do was to issue me some painkillers! And to make things worse, there is a rule limiting the quantity of pills he could give at 1 time. So, every week, for almost 1 month. On that same day, I will have to go and see the medical officer for another set of pills. 1 day while I am still outside his office waiting for my turn, I begin to wonder to myself, When and how did I end up as a drug addict? I’m now behaving just like those people taking opium’s!  And every week I have to go and beg for more!

1 night while sleeping, I wake up to go to toilet. Suddenly I felt a sense of giddiness and fell down. Knocking onto a table and producing a loud bang along the way. Of course, the sound woken up my family, who hurriedly come into the living room. In that few second while I’m about to fell down. A few things came to my mind. 1 I know I’m about to fall  2. I don’t want to fall down 3. And lastly, I’m down, with my face on the floor and my mother standing next to me. Asking in a very worried voice if I am alright? After I got back on my bed, I just can’t stop thinking and asking myself what the hell has happen to me??? If I have hands, legs and a function brain! Why can’t I solve this problem? This is my health, my body. But now that there is a problem.  Why can’t I do anything to solve it? I am totally NOT in control, and have not the slightest idea what to do, other than finding doctor! It is this time, that I realize my health is NOT mine. If a driver is in control of the car he is driving. He will be able to change the direction or speed as he wanted and have a good idea of the status of the car. Now that the control is lost, and I totally have no idea about what is happening inside. Can I still consider my health, my body as mine? Thus, I realize there is a need, a serious and genuine need for me to regain and reconnect to my health.

And btw, if you were me, who would you prefer to be e 1 rushing out and be by your side than? Who would you prefer, to be the person getting worried, upset, losing sleep and appetite over your health? And this is the positive side of the story. Many patients, especially those with degenerative disease, 1 of treatment can easily be $10-20k. And when it comes to paying money, things can get pretty ugly.

In summary, what I learn from these illness is

  1. Health = responsibility. Taking care of myself will save my family and love 1s from having to endure the feeling of worry, anxiety and sadness. Not to mention their time and money.
  2. Nowadays, our health does not belong to us! As we had outsource it to the medical industry. Where, skill and knowledge of the doctors or medical professional helping you is a big determining factor.
  3. I need to understand more on health and nutrition issues, so as to regain control of MY health.

to be continue…

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