Heritage tour: Guang zhou, China

This is actually my 2nd trip to Guang zhou, with the 1st in 2007. But on that trip, I only stayed for 2 days as, according to Lonely planet. This city does not have much to see. (In fact,as I remember, there is only about 20 attractions in their entire list) As for the other 15 days, all in spent in heavenly Cheng Du.

Almost 6 yrs after, I’m here again. And like most. I am amaze by the positive changes. That there are now so many more tourist site to visit. transport have improved, and of course the vegetarian options just got much better!

Gz city (25)As usual, I stayed in a hostel. Whats nice about this 4.5* (the satisfaction rating I gave themSunshine hostel. is that it is actually a unit in a Condominium. With the unit on 15 lvl. costing S$10/ night. 15min walk to metro station and a nice view of the city. There is really nothing much else I could ask for. Whats even better is that the owner has laid down universal adaptor, w/ extension wire for us. 1 of those small things that make them 1 of my favourite choice.


Gz. Huang Pu military school (7)

Gz. Huang Pu military school (2)

Gz. Huang Pu military school (13)

Gz. Huang Pu military school (9)

Huang pu military school: Most people would have heard of this famous place, probably from some of those movies focus on WW2 or japanese occupation of China. And it does feel great to be here, able to learn more on my history.

A few interesting facts about this place,

1. It is located on an island, and you would need to take a ferry get there.

2. Entry is free

3. It is actually setup with the assistance of Japanese, Russians and Chinese (both KMT and CCP)

Gz. Tomb of Wang Mo  (8)

Gz. Tomb of Wang Mo  (6)


The Mummy, China Edition: Story has it that, Mr Wang Mo. ruler of the Guang zhou area some 2000 yrs ago. Believes that in order to live on eternally, orders his body to be placed in a suit made of jade. Thus producing this invaluable work of ancient china. Notice those rings at the bottom, it’s also jade.

Gz. Tomb of Wang Mo  (36)

Mummy is of course the “leading character” of the museum, but they do have some other interesting displays; such as the 1 above. Which is called Ru yi. usually made of jade. And used by the imperial family of Ming and Qing dynasty.

Sun yet seng Memorial hall (2)


Memorial hall of Mr Sun Yat Sen, 1 of those beautiful buildings that will make you wanting to get down from a bus, the moment you see it 🙂


Gz city (24)


Yes, you are seeing durian in China. That super fruit so beloved in my region. That we Singaporeans has shape of our national arts theatre (Esplanade) to look like it. With this pic, I conclude the success the fruit, in liberating the taste buds of the Chinese people. 1 province @ a time.  :p

and my trip continues to my 2nd stop Chao Zhou


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